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Performance Center




1 Session

About the Program

Performance Centers

1 day Rec Skills Development Clinic

  •             1.5 hour training circuit

  •             30 minute warm up in group

  •             1 hour of rotations in 6 different circuits on different skills topics


Topics Include:

o   Passing & Turning

o   Dribbling & Ball Mastery

o   Vitamins

o   Shooting

o   Crossing

o   Moves / Feints

o   1v1 Attacking

o   1v1 Defending

o   Mini Skills Games

o   Mini Soccer Games


*Recreational Coaches may request or recommend specific training topics. Please submit to Executive Director Kris Hall:


Open to all VUSC registered players between the ages of 7 – 12 years old

Tuition: $30.00 Per Session

Dates: April 26th & May 10th


APRIL PERFORMANCE CENTER: April 26, 2023   ~ 5:00pm-6:30pm [$30]


MAY PERFORMANCE CENTER: May 10, 2023 ~ 5:00pm-6:30pm [$30]


Coaching Education Opportunity*

Recreational coaches can register FREE to learn hands on about each topic. They’ll participate and help run a part of each session. Up to 15 coaches will be admitted.

*Participanting coaches must be able to attend and coach both days (April 26 & May 10th). Participants must be available the Sunday evening before each session for a 45 minute zoom call to go over the sessions and cover any session prep assignments.


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