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  • When is it too HOT to practice?
    Recreational league: If it is 100+ degrees during your practice time please cancel or make later in the day when it cools off. Comp league: Your coach or the executive director will advise.
  • What are the rules about testing positive to COVID and when may I return?
    COVID Requirements for VUSC Soccer 2021-2022 CDPH Isolation Rules: COVID Positive - Players can return to practice after a positive COVID test if ALL of the following conditions have been met: • 10 days have passed from the onset of symptoms after quarantine. A negative test is taken and; - Fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication. - Symptoms have subsided (not necessarily completely gone away) A negative test is not needed after a 10 day quarantine and symptoms have gone. CDPH Quarantine Rules: Players who have been in close contacts* with a confirmed COVID case need to quarantine. They may return under all of the following conditions: • 10 days have passed since the last day of exposure to the positive individual • They do not have any symptoms • They continue to follow other mitigation measures through the 14th day • Follow masking rules (this is indoors only at this time) • Wash hands frequently • Stay 6 feet away from others • Monitor symptoms A negative test is NOT required to return - HOWEVER, if a negative test is obtained on or after the 6th day from exposure, they may return on the 8th day from exposure. *Close contact is defined as within 0-6 feet for a total of 15 minutes over a 24 hour period. CDPH Modified Quarantine for Schools ONLY: CDPH has changed the quarantine rules for schools since most contact will occur with a mask, and masks have been proven to decrease transmission. Modified quarantine in the school setting includes the use of testing to ensure negative results. While this is great for the students because they can stay in school during their 10 day period, CDPH is very specific that this modified quarantine is only for attendance at school. Students must still refrain from extracurriculars, including sports, during the 10 day period. You may have players that are close contacts and still attending school due to the modified quarantine, however they should not participate in practice or games until the 10 days have passed, unless they have received a negative COVID test on or after the 6th day. Then they may return to play on the 8th day from last exposure. Recommendations: Due to the current spread of infection in our community, the following is also recommended for coaches. • Have your players spread out whenever possible. If you are going to talk to them in a huddle or group, ensure they have some space. • Visually screen players before practice, if they are reporting not feeling well or have a cough, perhaps check in with the parent. • Have hand sanitizer available • Encourage parents to keep players home if they aren’t feeling well • Remind parents that if they are considered a close contact at school and under modified quarantine, they should not be playing soccer until the quarantine period is over. Players and Coaches who have come into contact with a Positive case: - may continue practices and games as long as they follow these guidelines: o 10 days have passed from the onset of symptoms after quarantine. o Fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication. o Have no signs or symptoms of COVID or Flu **All cases should be reported to the VUSC Board of Director
  • The Recreational League isn’t taking more players. Is there another option for my child?
    Yes! Check out of Juniors program. This runs for 3 months and is a great introductory class or skills class to get some extra practice. Taught by our Comp Coaches!
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